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Life at Trinity

Education encompasses the whole person. We do not see that it is possible to educate a student in a subject matter without addressing their character as well. The learning that happens outside of the classroom is of equal importance to the learning that happens in the classroom. The subjects themselves are not individual pieces but an interwoven comprehensive whole. With this goal in mind to educate the whole person, we have a strong emphasis on the humanities such as music, art, public speaking, and other activities. We also strive to build a strong connection between our students and their community.

Understanding Who We Are

Trinity Academy is a classical Christian school functioning under the hybrid model. That’s a mouth full, but simply it means that the school is built upon three pillars: we are first and foremost built on our biblical foundation; we are classical in that we emphasize the knowability of the universe and teaching methods that have withstood the test of time; lastly, we are a hybrid school because we believe that parents should be put into their God-given position at the center of their children’s education.


Christ-centered …

God is the author of all the world’s Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.



Hybrid Model …

Professional Educators partnering with parents.



Classical Education …

Training the mind on HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.



The mission of Trinity Academy is to provide classical education combining Christ-centered focus with academic excellence.

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. (Proverbs 2:6)

Currently hiring faculty and staff for the 2024-2025 school year

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Trinity Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, or gender.

Trinity Academy seeks to be in full compliance with Faith’s Law. View our internal policy here. Visit the Illinois State Board of Education for more information about Faith’s Law. Faith’s Law ISBE Resource Guide – July 2023