We are pleased that you are considering becoming part of the Trinity Academy family. Making a choice about your child’s education is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will make for your family. For Christian parents, this struggle intensifies as you understand the role of education in shaping your child’s mind and heart. We are joining with you in prayer as you weigh this important decision.

Families applying to Trinity Academy should embrace:

  • Intentional involvement in their child’s education,
  • Life-long learning,
  • God as the Lord of every area of their lives,
  • Private worship (as evidenced by their prayer life, study of the bible, and home devotions), and
  • Public worship (as evidenced by their commitment to and involvement with a local body of believers)

Your questions and concerns are important. Please contact us for further conversation or information.

In His Service,
David Murray, Administrator

Admission Application

Please read through the five-step enrollment process below while filling out your admission application.
Completed enrollment applications may be mailed to…

306 E. South Street

P.O. Box 226

Industry, IL 61440

…or dropped off at Trinity Academy on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Schedule a Tour!

It would be our pleasure to show you in person our mission and allow you to see our culture and facilities. Contact us to schedule your tour today!

Get to know us more!

We want you to get to know us better! If you have any questions about our three pillars of being Christ-centered, Classical, or Hybrid, visit the other pages on our website to learn more or read through an overview here.




Familiarization Visit

Interested families should attend an Open House or schedule a tour with the office in order to learn about the characteristics of classical, Christ-centered education utilizing a hybrid model.

Required Reading

Due to the high level of parent involvement required with a hybrid model of education, parents are strongly encouraged to read the booklet “An Introduction to Classical Education” before the family interview. The downloadable PDF is available on our Recommended Reading page along with other resources. The link is also given below. Christopher A. Perrin M.Div., PH.D., “An Introduction to Classical Education, a Guide for Parents”



Parents desiring to partner with Trinity Academy in the education of their child should submit an application for admission to Trinity Academy after completing the recommended reading and praying over their decision. The application fee is $50/family and is non-refundable. Complete application information should be mailed or delivered tothe address below along with the application fee.


Family Interview

Once the application for admission is reviewed, a family interview will be scheduled. The applicant’s academic background, testing results, and the family’s goals for the child’s education within the context of a hybrid model of classical, Christ-centered education will be discussed during this interview. An explanation of the family’s financial obligations once enrolled will also occur. Both parents and the student applicant(s) are required to attend this meeting.


Placement Testing

(if needed)

Trinity Academy will require additional placement testing if the appropriate grade level cannot be determined from the application or family interview. This testing is to ensure that a student is appropriately placed for success and that Trinity Academy is equipped to meet the student’s academic needs. This testing may be completed by the parents through a third party or parents may elect to have Trinity Academy complete the evaluation. The cost for Trinity Academy to complete the placement testing is $75 per student. Trinity Academy may also require applicants for kindergarten to complete readiness screening at no cost.


Ready for Enrollment

Families will receive notification about the status of their enrollment after completing the application process. Upon acceptance, Trinity Academy will provide a Welcome Packet with additional information no later than two months prior to the beginning of the pending semester. A student is officially enrolled at Trinity Academy when their application has been approved, the family has made their first tuition payment, and has completed the Enrollment Packet within our FACTS student information system.


For returning students:

  1. Each parent is given instructions to use our student and family management system.
  2. For re-enrollment, go to Family>Enrollment/Re-Enrollment and fill out each section.
  3. Once the re-enrollment process is completed online, please pay the re-enroll enrollment fee in the office.