An overview of the resources on the FACTS Management platform and how to use them.

The following are various pieces of information about how to use our FACTS Management system to the fullest. Let us know if you have any questions.

FACTS Family Portal Login

(login link)

Primary Contact: the office, Bobbie Wright

FACTS is the primary method of record keeping for Trinity. While we have other documents like the Google Lesson Plan document and other methods of communicating such as email, the official Trinity Facebook page, and the Trinity Families Page, FACTS will have most of this information on it and much more.

Here is a link to a PDF which shows the login in process. If you have any trouble please contact Bobbie Wright in the Trinity Office.

Instructional PDF of FACTS Family Portal Login

Assignment Notes

As your student’s teacher enters assignments and grades into FACTS they will become available to any co-teacher with access to the FACTS Family Portal. Teachers have the ability to make notes on these assignments that you can read. This is an excellent way to keep up to date with your students progress.

Missing Assignment

The most reliable way to keep up with your students missing work is by logging on at least once a week to FACTS. Teachers have a varity of ways to mark assignments and can even create custom catagories. As your teacher if you are unsure about any label, but some of the more common labels are…

  • M = Missing: Missing assignments are assignments that are past due and have a grade of zero.
  • P = Pending: Pending assignments that are either in progress or past due but have extenuating circumstances involved. They are graded as null assignments, counting neither for or against a student’s grade.
  • I = Incomplete: Incomplete assignments mean that the student did not meet the criteria of an assignment in a way that makes it impossible to effectively grade. These are usually graded as half-credit assignments, but this may vary.
  • E = Excused: This shows that a student did not complete an assignment, but it has been excused by the teacher. These are graded as null assignments.
  • A = Absent: This shows that the student had reasonable cause to be absent for this assignment and did not complete it. It is graded as a null assignment.


FACTS will show the current grade for your student’s work over all the work entered by the teacher for that quarter. Different grade levels have different grading conventions so make sure you communicate with your teacher and refer to the Parent/Student Handbook section 9.5 “Evaluation”.

Report Cards

Report cards will be produced after the end of each quarter. Grades four and up will have a letter grade for each class, a skills evaluation for each class, and notes for each student from their homeroom teacher. Grades three and down are not given a letter grade but are assessed with the skills/mastery evaluation. Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook section 9.5 “Evaluation” for more information. These report cards will be available only through FACTS. Please make sure to save or print off these for your records. 

Lunch Menu

The hot lunch menu is available through FACTS as well. 


All newsletters available through FACTS. 

Calendar Link

This calendar is available on our calendar page, but we recommend all families to link the school calendar to their own Google calendar. The link to access the school’s Google calendar is below.



There are many other things that the FACTS Management system is capabable of, and you may be directed occasionally to log on to access something, so please be aware of this.