Frequently Asked Questions

What are my expectations as a co-teacher?

As a co-teacher you are expected to participate in all co-teacher trainings (3-4 per year) and facilitate the learning activities directed by your child’s teacher.  Co-teachers will be trained to work with the curriculum, but are not expected to teach new concepts. Our teachers rely on the co-teachers to ensure activities and assignments have been completed in a timely manner.

How much time should I plan for instruction on off-campus days?

The amount of learning time on off campus days varies based on work assigned and student efficiency; kindergarten students should plan to spend between 2-3 hours, students in grades 1-3 between 3-5 hours, and students in grade 4-6 between 4-6 hours on each off campus day.

My child has never taken Latin, will they be able to catch on?

Children are able to learn new languages more rapidly than adults, so we find that new students are able to catch up quickly.

Does Trinity Academy have a scholarship program?

Tuition has been set at a minimum cost, with all families receiving a 40% discount from the actual cost to educate a child at Trinity Academy. We are not at this time able to offer additional discounts or scholarships.

What measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our children in the building?

We have secured the building by re-keying the facility and placing security cameras by doors that access the school wings.  Visitors to the school are buzzed in by the office.  The building has passed all required inspections (reports available for viewing in the office). Fire evacuation plans and extinguishers have been put in place.

Is Trinity Academy affiliated with any particular church?

Trinity Academy is an interdenominational school.  Our teachers and families come from diverse ecumenical Christian backgrounds, but are unified in the truth of God’s word, recorded in the Bible.  Doctrinal differences may be discussed in class, but students are encouraged to seek the authority of their family and home church.

What is your student teacher ratio?

We believe that keeping class sizes to 15 student per teacher will enhance the learning environment and best serve the learning needs of all students.