Kindergarten Class

Our kindergarten program offers both a half day and a full day option. The half-day program is streamlined to best meet the developmental needs of kindergarten students and their need for the love and security of their family. Our full day program compliments the learning goals achieved within the half day program by providing students with reinforcement activities, rest, and social learning situations that enhance material learned in the morning.

Our program fosters a love of learning and desires for students to be joyful learners using a multi-sensory approach to instruction. All kindergarten students learn on-campus from 8:30-12:35 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Full day students continue until dismissal at 3:00. Concepts taught at school are reinforced and practiced at home during off-campus days on Wednesday and Friday.

Instructional Overview



The Sing, Spell, Read, Write (SSRW) program is a phonics based reading program that introduces the letters, sounds, and early reading skills necessary to be successful readers. Students learn through songs, poems, and activities that build these foundational reading skills. Fluency readers are used to reinforce and practice phonological skills. Zaner-Bloser manuscript is used for handwriting.


Saxon 1 is a spiraling curriculum that provides our students opportunities to master material over time with many opportunities to review and build on concepts. Calendar time is an integral part of instruction as students build number sense, patterning, and concepts of time and seasons. Some of the other key concepts include telling time, counting coins, addition and subtraction math facts to 10, skip counting, graphing, mental math, and basic word problems.


Quality literature and poetry is used to develop phonological awareness, concepts of print, and teach different literary elements. Our students are exposed to classic texts and authors who have withstood the test of time and exemplify excellence in content and beauty in the written word.


We believe that God is the author of all truth and that we are instructed to hide His word in our hearts. Kindergarten students sing, memorize ABC verses and learn the basic grammar of the Bible by learning many of the characters and stories in scripture.

Science and Social Studies

Our teacher alternates instruction of science and social studies. Our focus in science is on animals and life cycles. In social studies, students are taught basic map skills and important people and places in history.

Other Studies

Our kindergarten students also participate in art, music, and P.E. each week.